WHEN: Ljubljana, September 18th 2020


9th International Conference of IIA – Slovenian institute

Internal Audit at a Crossroad

This year’s theme is in accordance with entering a new decade: Internal Audit at a Crossroad.

Internal audit is facing with greater demands (ali “challenges”), caused by rapid and sudden changes in all aspects of organization’s operations. That is why it is even more important, that internal auditors, as so called “third line of defense”, cooperate with first and second line of defense and strengthen our knowledge and skills about adding value to our organization.

This year’s program includes international as well as Slovene professionals. Topics are diverse, but each is meant to open new horizons in internal audit functions. This said, it is key, that we, internal auditors fulfill our Mission; adding value to organizations. Presented topics will again represent Slovenia’s strong international involvement. In Slovenia, knowledge is at a high level! We, here at IIA – Slovenian institute believe, that cooperation and connection of all professions, as well as taking into account different points of view, is of key importance with emphasis on professionalism. The purpose of the lectures to be presented at the Conference is to present interesting and different practices, which are then to be critically assessed by internal auditors and adjusted to specific organization.

Lecturers come from different professional backgrounds, as well as countries. Those are: USA, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Greece, Poland, Croatia and of course, Slovenia. In the aspect of international representation of lecturers, we are definitely the biggest international internal auditing conference in the region.

Topics presented will vary from climate change, risk assessment, agility, internal auditor’s cooperation with other representatives of a modern control system, measuring internal auditing’s added value, writing reports, machine learning, whistleblowing, communication, trends etc. The common denominator of all topics is, that internal auditing is at a crossroad: either in the way of reactivity, with focus on past data and trends or vice versa, in the way of proactivity, where internal auditors not just defend, but especially add value to organizations.

With this said, we kindly invite you to the Conference, which will again be financially accessible to everyone. The purpose of the Conference is not just transferring knowledge, but socializing and exchanging opinions with colleagues. It will be fun, provocative, different and proactive.

We look forward to your attendance!