Welcome to the 13th international conference IIA Slovenia, which will be held in Bled, in Arnold hall, Rikli Balance Hotel, Cankarjeva cesta 4, Bled (it will also be held virtually via ZOOM) on 9th and 10th May 2024.

Internal Audit as a Puzzle

The work of an internal auditor can be compared to assembling a complex puzzle, where the internal auditor not only understands individual pieces but is able to see and understand the whole. As independent and objective experts, internal auditors offer invaluable insights and recommendations to decision-makers, which is only possible through the continuous expansion and connecting of our multidisciplinary knowledge.

In our effort to spread awareness and understanding of the role of internal auditing, we are proud to announce the 13th edition of the largest internal auditing conference in this part of Europe. The event will bring together renowned international and local experts who will share their knowledge and experience, illuminate lesser-known aspects of internal auditing, and encourage the exchange of practices among us. With the constant growth in conference attendance, nearing the number of 200, we aim not only to highlight but also to unite experts with the goal of joint development and improvement of internal auditing practices in Slovenia.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous trust and support, which are crucial for our collective success. I am convinced that, by joining forces, we will continue to assemble the puzzle of the internal auditing profession, which is increasingly valued and essential for the public good. Your participation and contribution are indispensable in our shared commitment to excellence and integrity in internal auditing.

IIA Slovenia Board

Programme of the conference:

The program may change before the conference begins.

Holders of IIA professional cerficiations can claim 13 CPE credits for attending the conference, including 2 CPE credits for ethics.

Based on the third paragraph of Article 4 of the Regulation on Continuous Professional Education of Certified Auditors (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 44/19), the Agency for Public Oversight of Auditing has granted the Institute of Internal Auditors IIA – Slovenian Institute consent to implement the annual education program for the year 2024. Certified auditors can thus claim 13 hours with the designation B as continuous professional education for certified auditors for their participation in the conference.


Registrations and payments until 3rd May, 2024:

* For C and D members of IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors IIA – Slovenian Institute): free of charge

* For members of IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors IIA – Slovenian Institute): €125.00

* For foreign IIA members: €200.00

* For members of partner organizations (with an invitation from the partner organization): €200.00

* Standard conference price: €300.00

(the price does not include VAT, we are not VAT liable).

Registrations are open until May 3, 2024. For participants attending the conference in Bled, the price includes a gala dinner. Lunch is not included in the conference price.

The participation fee should be transferred to the business account of the Institute of Internal Auditors IIA – Slovenian Institute, Kamniška ulica 25, 1000 Ljubljana, account number SI56 6100 0002 1016 755. Please mention IIA CONFERENCE 2024, name, and surname as the payment purpose at least five days before the conference starts. Enter 00 0905-24 in the reference number field.

Please obtain your ticket and confirm your attendance exclusively through the Eventbrite application by clicking the RESERVE A SPOT button.

The process for registering participants whose membership fee will be paid by a budget user, based on this call, is described below[1].

Please note that if you are unable to attend, you must cancel your registration by May 6, 2024, otherwise, we will charge you the participation fee. Cancel through Eventbrite or send an email to info@iia.si. Every cancellation is confirmed in writing. For cancellations until May 6, a handling fee of 30% of the registration fee is charged, and for cancellations after May 12, the full participation fee is charged.

For late cancellations, non-attendance for any reason, or if the cancellation is not sent in writing, the full registration fee is charged. Non-attendance at the conference does NOT constitute automatic cancellation from the event. Non-payment of the invoice does NOT constitute automatic cancellation from the event. For those registered in the last week before the conference and during the week of the conference, only an invoice will be sent after the service is provided, i.e., after the conference.

Participants attending the conference in Bled should bring a printed ticket or an electronic ticket. The ticket is personalized and not transferable.

For those coming from abroad, please register through our website and contact us for detailed information about the conference location, accommodations, transport at info@iia.si.

Accommodation during the conference

Sava Hotels & Resorts has rooms available in 6 hotels in Bled, all within a maximum of 5 minutes walking distance from each other. In the GRAND HOTEL TOPLICE *****, RIKLI BALANCE HOTEL, and HOTEL PARK ****, reservations are available at a special price for our participants (reservations at the special price are accepted until April 12, 2024). The link for reservations and more information is available HERE

The event may be photographed and recorded, and the photos and recordings may be publicly posted on the pages of the Institute of Internal Auditors IIA – Slovenian Institute.

Send additional questions to info@iia.si.

We look forward to meeting you again!

[1] Process for participants whose participation fee will be paid by a budget user based on this call:

  1. Each member fills out the online registration form, entering the budget user’s details.
  2. The budget user issues a purchase order for the payment of the participation fee to the Institute of IIA – Slovenian Institute (the purchase order should also specify who the fee is being paid for and the type of participation for each participant), which is sent to info@iia.si.
  3. Upon receipt of the purchase order, IIA issues an invoice to the budget user. The payment deadline is in accordance with the deadline set by the annual Budget Execution Act of the Republic of Slovenia (30 days or within 30 days).

Personal Data and Consent for the Use of Photographic Recordings

By registering for the event, participants agree to the terms of participation and voluntarily give explicit consent for IIA – Slovenian Institute, as the data controller, to process the entered personal data for the purpose of maintaining a register of event participants and contacting them via email or phone regarding the course, content of the event, and satisfaction with the event, for sending presentations that will be displayed at the event, and other materials related to personal data, and for the use and dissemination (now and in the future) of images or voices of registered participants in photographs, video recordings, or electronic reproductions, and other activities by IIA – Slovenian Institute.