WHEN: Ljubljana, 30. – 31. May 2019
: Biotehniška fakulteta (big hall), Jamnikarjeva 101, Ljubljana.


Participation fee:

EUR  200/person including taxes

EUR  100/person including taxes IIA Members only

EUR  61/person including taxes IIA Members only first minute payment till 31.3.2019

Credit points:

You can get 14 credit points for the conference.

Organizing Company:

The conference is organized by Združenje IIA – Slovenski inštitut

Sending the registration is regarded as an order and brings about payment liability.

Payments by bank transfer must be made free of charges to the beneficiary using the following bank account information:
Holder: Združenje IIA – Slovenski inštitut, Dunajska cesta 106, Ljulbjana

(Addresss: Miklosiceva 5, Ljubljana)

IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 1016 755

Please indicate clearly the registration ID on the bank transfer.
Please send us the copy of the bank transfer to info@iia.si

You will get your original invoice during the registration on the first day of the conference.


Day 1 May 30th 2019
8.00–8.45 Registration
8.45–9.30 Opening speech
Polona Pergar Guzaj,  IIA Slovenia, President
9.30–10.15 How We Started – The Beginning of Internal Audit in Slovenia, Metka Tuerk
10.15–11:00 The Future of Audit with Focus on the Future of Internal Audit, mag. Mojca Majič, Agency for Public Oversight of Auditing
11.00–11.30 Coffe and networking break
11.30–12.15 Agile Auditing. Reinventing Internal Audit and changing the mind-set. The RSA INSURANCE experience), Dave Howell – Chief Auditor for our UK & International
12.15–13.00 Managing Virtual Teams: Challenges and Solutions, Aleksandar Geshkov, Head of Telenor Sub-Group Internal audit Telenor (part of PPF Group)
13.00–14.00 Lunch break
14:00–14.45 The Role of Internal Mechanisms to Detect and Prevent Fraud and Corruption, Vid Doria
14.45–15.30 “Quo vadis Chief Audit Executive?”, Klaus Gressenbauer, Former ECB Director Internal Audit
15.30–16.15 Audit risks – Do We manage them? Marija Banović, IIA Srbia
16.15 – 16.30 Clossing Day 1
Dinner on boat on Ljubljanica river
Day 2 May31st 2019
8.30–9.00 Registration and networking
9.00–9.45 How can CEO offer support to internal audit function; Vzajemna Insurance company, Aleš Mikeln, MBA, President of the Board
9.45–10:30 E-Audit – Application Support for the Internal Audit Function, Višnja Komnenić, HEP
10:30-11:15 How internal auditor can make better decisions, dr. Lenz Rainer, SAF-HOLLAND GmbH (to be confirmed)
11.15–11.45 Coffe and networking break
11.45–12.30 Breaking the Silence: Internal Auditors’ Moral Courage PhD Zorica Bozinovska Lazarevska, Chief of Accounting and Auditing Department, Faculty of Economics – Skopje,
12.30–13.15 Audit committees in public sector, Jean Pierre Garitte, CEO IIA Belgium
13.15–14.00 Wood,  PhD Miha Humar, Biotehnical Faculty, University Ljubljana
14.00–14.45 “How to ensure an appropriate response to cyber-attacks in the nuclear sector?” Samo Tomažič, Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration
14.45–15.00 Closing remarks